Efficiency and Satisfaction for End-Users and Support Personnel Are Now Higher Than Ever Before Possible

SAN JOSE, Calif., /PRNewswire/ — ServiceAide, Inc., a global provider of service management solutions today unveiled its unique Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered virtual support agent – Luma  for its Cloud Service Management products. Unlike other approaches that try to apply AI and/or chatbots to existing processes, ServiceAide reinvented how tickets for customer support and IT Service Management (ITSM) are processed. Organizations now have a total service experience for customers, end-users of IT resources, support personnel, and managers that breaks through longstanding efficiency and satisfaction limits.

ServiceAide estimates that reassignments, mean time to resolution, and ticket cost will all be reduced by more than 30% by using Luma to

  • Confirm resolution satisfaction; an activity that consumes up to 30% of support analyst’s time
  • Increase self-service (zero-touch) and first-contact resolutions that in turn reduce ticket volumes and costs
  • Remove frustration, time, and cost by generating tickets that contain the information and context needed to expeditiously assign, diagnose, and resolve tickets without filling out forms, sending emails, and making call-backs for clarification when incidents and requests for service require human support.

Because Luma creates tickets with thorough details, the information is readily usable for adding articles to a knowledge base, further increasing service efficiency and satisfaction. Additional benefits and efficiency gains for support analysts and managers are made possible by conversationally interacting with their service desk to resolve tickets and access operational data.

“Every organization relies on technology, which makes effective customer support and ITSM critical to maximize customer retention, productivity, job satisfaction, competitive advantage, and availability of IT services,” said Wai Wong, ServiceAide’s CEO. “The only way to consistently increase efficiency and business value for everyone in the support chain was to break away from traditional ticket processes and provide holistically integrated AI powered service management solutions.”

About Serviceaide
Provides customer support and service management solutions to a growing global portfolio of clients who benefit from efficient ticket processing to deliver excellent customer service. IT Service Management functionality ensures that IT systems meet service level agreements and business objectives. The solutions feature configurable ticket management, ITIL-certified processes, scalability, data connectivity, artificial intelligence, and a virtual support agent; all with a low administrative burden and cost of ownership. For more information, visit  serviceaide.com .

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