Transform your Service Management

Evolve service management across your ITSM, ESM, and Customer Service with the addition of Digital Labor. Our Luma Digital Labor Product Suite, including Luma Virtual Agent, applies breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing to deflect requests, incidents, and user inquiries.

Explore the Luma Digital Labor Product Suite

Explore the Luma Digital Labor Product Suite

Explore the Luma Digital Labor Product Suite

With a robust set of products, Luma will:

  • Deliver great experiences
  • Empower service owners at a fraction of the cost
  • Provide better self-service
  • Ensure business continuity

The Luma Suite learns by experience with conversations, knowledge retrieval steps, and actions performed, rapidly delivering a quick return on investment. Because of the low code to no-code environment and integration with intuitive service management solutions and communication channels, going live is a fast, seamless process. 

Luma Virtual Agent and Luma Knowledge have made a big difference in how we manage support. During the recent events, it was more critical than ever to support remote workers. With 24×7 availability, we were able to manage far beyond our normal volume and maintain business continuity.

– Director, IT Service Management

What Analysts Want From a Virtual Agent

What Analysts Want From a Virtual Agent
  1. One that can handle BOTH inbound and outbound queries via email, text, or voice
  2. One that can either interact with other systems, other chatbots, or can even perform the work itself
  3. Open architecture. Your virtual agent should work seamlessly across your organization’s infrastructure and processes
  4. Strong automation functionality
  5. Ease of implementation with low code or no code
  6. One that can serve as a single contact point for service interactions which is critical to ensure that it is auditable and documented
  7. Support multiple languages. Multi-tenant. Cloud-based or on-site
What Analysts Want From a Virtual Agent

Luma Virtual Agent

Luma Virtual Agent is a pre-trained, conversational attendant that can seamlessly scale on-demand to meet both inbound and outbound requests. Luma Virtual Agent starts with over 100 skills to get you started, handling an array of IT support requests, and common user requests.

Luma Knowledge

Luma Knowledge

Luma Knowledge is a knowledge-centered service that optimizes access, creation, reuse, and improvement of knowledge to the day-to-day needs of users to solve problems. It lowers enterprise management costs by acting as a hub to centralize management and access. Machine learning maximizes usefulness and availability. When coupled with Luma Virtual Agent, it extends the capabilities of the conversational agent, providing not just access to more information, but context and relevance to requests and answers.

Luma Knowledge

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