September 19, 2019
Buckle Up: Artificial Intelligence in Enterprise Service Management Is Already Here Buckle Up: Artificial Intelligence in Enterprise Service Management Is Already Here

The drive for digital transformation across entire organizations invites AI-driven chatbot technology to improve employee engagement and efficiency.

(IT) service management is no longer dedicated to IT, and rightly so. IT purpose-built tools have become so flexible that tool functionality easily extends across department lines to serve enterprise-wide service management needs. ITSM tools are becoming enterprise service management (ESM) tools. Coupling service management functionality with accessible AI-driven chatbots creates a game-changing experience for all business units, including IT, human resources, facilities, and finance. Moreover, with businesses always looking to do more with less, the streamlined efficiencies experienced across the business has spurred growth in AI implementation at an astounding rate of  270 percent in the past four years .

So, What Are the Benefits of Implementing ESM and AI for Departments Outside IT?

To begin with, ESM provides a centralized service catalog across the business that gives consumerized control to employees via self-service. Important requests that have formerly been tedious to report can now bypass a multi-layered and cumbersome process for a seamless and efficient resolution. Requests for time off, a new computer or desk chair, personal information updates, or answers to frequently asked questions are all handled immediately by an intelligent, “trained” chatbot or seamlessly passed to a human if necessary. These self-serve functions often mirror what an employee already enjoys when they do their personal banking, shopping, or research and frees time for the “service providers” in IT, HR, facilities, or finance to focus on their higher-level work priorities.

The Question is: When Will You Be Ready?

The future of ESM with AI is already upon us. By 2022,  Gartner  estimates two-thirds or 66% of all customer experience projects will make use of IT. By implementing ESM and AI technology for employee engagement, end customers enjoy more control and efficient processes. To learn how and why employee-centric ESM is experiencing explosive growth, look for our new white paper:  The Future of Enterprise Service Management .

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